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Through colors of interior we express our personality, we change them over time, but most of us use certain shades and that choice isn’t by accident. In this article we are going to show you how to decorate your home in accordance with your character.

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Cheerful and warm shades of yellow

Yellow, orange and color of the peach, will lead you to think of sun and fire, they will create illusion of open space that is full of energy. But they represent much more: persons who love yellow color are intelligent, and have adventuristic spirit and above all they appreciate freedom. Warm shades will make interior look energetic, intimate and it will stimulate chatting and desire for food. If you don’t want too vivid look of your home, you can mix yellow with shades of blue or green for an example.

Gentle, pastel shades

Persons that enhance shades of blue, green and peach in their houses are big fans of nature. They remind them of sky or on large fields and they bring peace into their home. Thanks to the reduced intensity of the warmth and glossiness, they better suit for the eyes. If green is dominant in your interior, you think that your home is oasis of calmness in the world. You are shy, and closed. In order to bring some energy in your house, combine pastel shades with yellow or brown sofas, armchairs or other pieces of furniture.


Elegant colors of jewels

People who prefer luxury in their home, usually have shades of amethyst or topaz for example. They are open, sensitive, creative and elegant. The splendor of precious stones is perfect for concealment of defects – they make interior glamorous and comfortable.For example: in the bathroom in which dominates navy blue it looks darker and closed, while the shade of sapphire gives him more dynamic look. Combine elegant shades with neutral one or with the colors of same intensity. Use them in the rooms you don’t spend too much time, like in the dining room, hall or bathroom.


Stable, neutral shades

Such as granite and marble, gray, brown, beige and ivory are imperishable colors, they give the impression of a permanent presence. If in your home prevail these neutral shades, you are probably practical and stable person, who does not follow trends blindly. Walls in the shade of earth look desecrate and in the same time they allow you to choose bolder combinations of furniture. But some persons find them boring. If you want to bring more life in your home, make a combination of soft fabrics with wooden, glassy and metal surface. You can choose to make contrast of shades so that your living space wouldn’t look too sterile and ordinary.


It all depends on your and your stile and how are you going to use these colors, but your personality will play major role in this choice. If you can decide which color to use, it is best to seek some expert help.

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